A Merry Gold Time at Marigold’s

Walking into a packed Marigold Cafe, we were immediately greeted by the sight of amazing pastries. It’s definitely worth the drive there for the dessert alone! As it was a Friday night, we weren’t the only ones who decided Marigold Cafe was the place to be, so naturally it was packed.

Although it was crowded, the atmosphere was intimate and oddly enough it was not too loud to hold a conversation with the person across from me. (Note: If you plan on arriving with a large party, we definitely recommend you call ahead for a reservation, as a majority of the tables seat four).

As it was Friday night our first order of actions was drinks! Our group ordered a variety from water to wine. Marigold has few select bottled beers but their wine list was exceptional! The selection of wines came excellent and accurate descriptions. It wouldn’t be far off as to think someone actually sat down tasted the wine while writing poetic love letters to describe the flavors.

After ordering it took about 20 minutes before our food was served but with good company, excellent wine and a relaxed atmosphere we didn’t mind the wait. If you’ve joined our capers in the past you know it’s our tradition to order a variety of dishes for the table and share among the tasters; tonight was no exception. We started with Escargots de Bourgogne, baked in garlic parsley butter served with a feisty Feta Crostini, can you Uh-Mazing!!! It was a delicious treat for first time tasters as well as veterans.

The escargot was great, but my personal favorite was the fettuccine jambalaya. After living in Nawlins for 4 years, I was curious about how Jambalaya, traditionally served with rice, would taste with fettuccine. And oh man, curiosity did NOT kill this cat!  If the shrimp, smoked chicken, and andouille sausage didn’t remind you this was jambalaya, then creole kick from the spicy cajun cream sauce did. I’m pretty sure the sauce made this dish, as I used the bread to soak it up when all the other goodies were gone.

Some of us left room for dessert, while those of us who didn’t just decided to order an entire fruit tart to go. Which tasted almost as great as it looked! The creme brûlée, my dessert of choice, was an amazing end to a fantastic caper!

All in all the vote was unanimous! Marigold’s Cafe is a wonderful place for date night or a good girls/guys night out.  Parking was extremely easy, our server was attentive and the food was delicious! Add great company and you’ll definitely have golden time at Marigolds!

If you’d like to contribute to this community food blog or  join us on our next caper, check us out at http://www.meetup.com/Culinary-Capers/

Written by Griff


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