Time for Thai!

Written by KB

Since moving to the Springs from Atlanta, I’ve been craving good Thai food. I tried several spots who claimed to have “the best Thai food” in Colorado Springs and each one was a disappointment. I nearly gave up on Thai in the springs, but after starting this blog a fellow taster suggested Thai Satay. She claimed that she had to have every week during her pregnancy!

Naturally I was skeptical, but for the sake of fairness I had to see if it was really that good or if her pregnancy hormones were hyping it up, so I added it to our list of capers. One evening we trouped over to Thai Satay, located in a King Soopers shopping center and the moment we entered, we were assailed with exotic scents of curry and ginger. Our host came over and graciously greeted us while we were being seated.  His hospitality combined with the relaxed atmosphere immediately put us at ease.

We started off with a selection of appetizers which included the lemongrass mussels, cheese wontons and an appetizer sampler. Of these items the cheese wontons were a favorite and those who ventured out of the box, loved the mussels!

Entrees were enthusiastically passed around, sampled and savored. I ordered my go to dish, chicken Pad-Thai, and it was pretty delicious! One taster had the Thai Basil Tofu which was surprisingly tasty (since I’m not a fan of tofu). But the Panang Curry with beef and rice completely stole the show! The sauce was absolutely incredible and sneaking little tidbits from a fellow taster’s dish was the most memorable part of the the evening.

Although I came into Thai Satay as a skeptic, I left as a convert! All in all, Thai Satay is a pretty good Thai restaurant with a great environment, delicious food and  a welcoming staff. Needless to say, the next time I need my Thai fix, it’ll be time for some Thai Satay!

To join our future capers, check us out on http://www.meetup.com/Culinary-Capers/


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