Let’s take a journey…no, an Odyssey!

We went on a journey to Odyssey Gastropub this weekend to check out the first ever “gastropub” in Colorado Springs.  What used to be a popular grungy sports-bar has now been transformed into a trendy booming pub!

This place draws many patrons with its allusion to old school “gastropubs.” Conceived back in London circa 91’ as a “bar that serves high-end beer and food,” Odyssey puts a spin on their food which incorporates more American food with slightly British undertones. 

If you’re planning on making this a weekend escapade, parking can be tricky, especially on a bustling Friday.  I suggest parking on Nevada and Boulder cross –streets and walking through the alley to Odyssey. This quaint brick pub is tucked cozily among the shops and bars of downtown Colorado Springs. I was most impressed with the unique lighting, lamps plugged into the ceiling and hanging upside down. 

Our server was attentive and gave us an impressive drink menu to start out with, so I ordered a nice Sauvignon Blanc, which was crisp and full-bodied and was a great choice for this warm evening.  As we scanned the menu, my eyes fell on the Chicken and Waffles.  I have never had any version of this dish and was definitely anticipating whether or not it would taste more like breakfast or a dinner choice.  I could tell that this was going to be a delight when I could smell the smoked maple syrup from 20 feet away.  The chicken was lightly breaded and moist, but when mixed with the syrup, guajillo butter and berries it was truly magnificent!  After savoring this dish I passed on dessert, I honestly felt I had already had that and more with the crisp, fluffy waffle. As a newbie to this particular food combination, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I look forward to having it many times over. 

One fellow taster ordered the Braised Bison Gnocchi which was a little tough and lacked some flavor.  The gnocchi was unremarkable and I could have done without the crispy onions on top, as it didn’t add any texture to the already lean bison.  Our other friend ordered the Pecan Crusted Salmon. I was immediately confused when the server asked: “How do you want your Salmon?” We all looked at each other with our heads tilted.  Immediately, I thought, “Basically, I would want it cooked.”  But no sir, when you embark on this “odyssey” (pun intended), you need to know that there are several ways to cook a salmon, like a good steak.  She had it prepared medium rare, with the zesty and pungent mustard aioli it elevated the fish beautifully.  We raved about it as the most divine meal of the evening. All in all, the food was good, the company was great and I look forward to future journeys to The Odyssey Gastropub.

For future capers, please visit http://www.meetup.com/Culinary-Capers/ 


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