I like my eggs…Over Easy!

Ever since I was a girl, breakfast has been my thing. For me, there’s nothing like waking up to a streaming plate of pancakes with bacon and eggs. Or a breakfast burrito loaded down with chorizo, eggs, potatoes, and sausage. In our family, a hot breakfast signaled the beginning of a great weekend!

As we began compiling a list of great places to taste with our group, I knew a great breakfast spot was a must-have! After asking around and hopping on google, we settled on Over Easy (the downtown location). Supposedly their breakfast is ranked #10 of 101 of the Best Breakfasts in the U.S. by Urban Spoon, but that sort of thing never meant much to me unless real people were giving real accounts.

So on a weekday morning, we headed downtown for more than just eggs over easy. We kept this caper small, since the restaurant isn’t very large. Even so, we waited for a good 20 minutes for our party of 5 to get seated . It seemed to me that people are often waiting for a seat there since they had a complimentary bloody mary bar, as well as free coffee and water.

After being seated, I asked our server which menu items were renowned. She praised their Award-Winning Buttermilk Biscuit & Sage Sausage Gravy, as well as the Peace, Love and Pancakes Flight (your choice of any 3 pancakes on the menu). I was SOLD the minute she said pancake! I ordered two apple streusel pancakes and a blueberry pancake, and I have to say, as a pancake connoisseur, these pancakes were out of this world! Light and fluffy with savory toppings and warm syrup. Oh-Em-Gee! I want more just thinking about it!

Our other tasters ordered the Tuscan & the California versions of eggs benedict, while the last member in our group ordered a more traditional version of scrambled eggs with sausage and toast.

Everyone enjoyed the exceptional food and great selections of drinks recommended by our Barista. Overall, I’d say Over Easy was a hit and definitely worth a repeat performance.

To join future capers, check out our Meetup group at



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