Wobble over to the Wobbly Olive

When I first heard we were visiting the Wobbly Olive, my thoughts centered on their rumored grandiose drink selection.  The word on the street is that these drinks are, well, art!  There are meticulous recipes that are followed to produce these cocktails and I was excited to venture up to the North side of Colorado Springs to see if indeed these were note-worthy. Cocktail WO
Wobbly Olive is tucked into the Cinema Point shopping plaza in a bustling area filled with chain restaurants, shops and directly next to the movie theater. This made parking easily attainable.  When I arrived, I was led to my table and was struck by how charming this place was.  The table settings were decorated with clean lines and warm tones that created a very elegant ambiance.  The wait staff was mindful of our needs and encouraged me to order an Elderflower wine spritzer.  Now, it isn’t on their website to refer to, but I did write down what the ingredients were so I could attempt this concoction at a later date.  This is a complex drink with many components; Lillet Blanc, Fluer Elderflower liqueur, strawberry cordial, and Lemon Lime flower liquor.  What comes next is a whirlwind of fist pumps and total excitement that may have made some people uncomfortable.  It had an ambrosial smell and taste that pushed me to dig out the flower in the drink and take a nibble on that – nothing wasted over this way!  This libation, as they refer to it, was stunning and marvelous.  Libation is described on their website as “a drink poured out as an offering to a deity” and that is exactly how I felt – like a refreshed goddess.
I then ordered the appetizer ‘Devils on Horseback’ which were bacon wrapped dates, stuffed with Danish blue cheese, with a slight bite of cherry syrup.  I felt that this plate was a bit humdrum; I didn’t taste the dates or the bleu cheese as the bacon overpowered the other flavors, and sadly there were only 4 bacon-wrapped dates on the plate in total which I thought was a bit disappointing given the price.

Later, I learned that Wobbly Olive is known for their small bite menu to encourage the ordering of several plates – tapas style.  I followed up my hunger pains with the ‘Arancini Di Riso’ which translates to Fried Risotto Balls; these were cooked with smoked beer Cheddar, arugula pesto, and topped with some very fiery Chile threads.  It was visually pleasing and I savored the dense risotto.  I felt that the beer cheddar definitely elevated this dish and I was delighted with the presentation and flavors.

There were a few other memorable dishes that I didn’t try but did take pictures and were reported by our group to be delicious choices; Rendang Duck Breast Served Medium Rare, Mango Salad, Malaysian Curry, Burnt Lemongrass, Mint Carrot, Bamboo Rice &  Bacon Cracker Sourdough Toast, Beer Braised & Glazed Belly, Quail Egg, Hibiscus Tomato Jelly, Avocado (see below for slideshow).

My experience was incredible and included meeting the talented chef, who came out to greet us after our meal to inquire about our satisfaction. He was very humbled by our positive reviews.  While I appreciated the small bites, I would say the highlight were the cocktails.  The heart and precision of these cocktails was mind-blowing and should be savored by all.

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