Touchdown at Panino’s

When I was growing up, Italian food was always my absolute favorite! I remember a time when I thought Olive Garden was the best restaurant ever. It made me feel adult and sophisticated at the tender age of 14, but now that my palate has matured with age and exposure I’ve discovered a new love at Panino’s. img_0304

Recently our group was offered a caper to enjoy dinner at Panino’s during Thursday night football. I’ve driven by this family style Italian restaurant several times, but never actually went inside. I have to say, I wish I had stopped earlier!

The entrées were very good although the salads and generic chips could be improved upon. Toward the end of the evening we even had an opportunity to meet the chef! He was humble and kind, solidifying our opinion that Panino’s is an exceptional family Italian restaurant. Hospitable and solicitous, we will definitely be back for a comfortable family outing.

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