Lets “Play” at The Broadmoor

This isn’t your typical bowling experience.  Strolling through the many corridors to get to the actual bowling alley leaves you a bit starry-eyed and breathless, and I think that is their intention at The Broadmoor.  I visited here on a chilly Fall night just before dusk and it was a sight to see.  Parking was very convenient, with a courtesy valet upon arrival.  The grounds at The Broadmoor, a grandiose resort that sits at the bottom of Cheyenne Mountain was a magnificent sight.  The bowling area was lined with fireplaces and leather couches that resembled an evening with Sherlock Holmes.  I thought the entire ambiance was cozy and inviting.

I started with the drink menu and chose the Singapore Sling which can best be described as “oh my word, Ahhhhhhhhh, this is strong!”.  The pine tree smelling gin combined with club soda and cherry brandy gave me a little pep to my step with a slight buzz.  As a typical non-drinking dark liquor gal, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Singapore Sling & Mojito

The first appetizer that we tasted were the chicken wings, and they were what you would expect, pretty average.  I then ordered the Thai Red Curry Chicken which as indicated on the menu was a small plate entrée, and it certainly was.  The coconut and ginger flavors were very subtle and the chicken was cooked nicely along with a handful of sesame white rice.  My personal curry preference involves lots of spices and heat.  Unfortunately, this was a bit bland for my craving taste buds.  Another foodie ordered the “Play” burger which was very delicious and upon further inspection had short ribs sprinkled on top, this elevated the meat portion and overall taste.  Next, I tasted the Nachos, which in my opinion, was the best thing on the menu.  The pork was moist, the cheese was plentiful, and the portion was very generous – I mean, who am I kidding, who doesn’t like cheese slathered tortilla chips?  Lastly, I tasted the Hoisin Glazed Shrimp which was coupled with grits.  This entrée was sautéed beautifully and again, had a nice ginger fragrance.

Overall, it was a lovely venue to go bowling ($15/hr) and mingle with colleagues and friends.  However, these entrees are mere appetizers with a high price tag.  I would suggest sharing dishes as our group did, more bang for your buck and your taste buds will enjoy the variety.

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