Luck It’s Food Art

It has taken me a couple of weeks to articulate this experience upon seeing a childhood food favorite, Pork Rinds(Skins), on the menu.  This sent me into a culinary tailspin!

Pork (Rinds)Skins with Jalapeno cheese

Brother Luck Street Eats is by first glance a quaint, bustling restaurant on the edge of the historic Old Colorado neighborhood.  But, as you walk in and sit down you become immediately aware that your taste buds are about to be taken to new heights whether you’re ready or not.  Bring it!


We had a rather large group of 11 people who attended this event and they were ready for us.  Our waitress was very busy with our wine, craft beer, appetizer, and entrée requests which came out in perfect sync.

The menu was sectioned off by courses that can be shared, first, second, main, and finale.  I started off with another childhood favorite, Deviled Eggs.  Now with anything at Brother Luck Eats, it may seem like a simple recipe but it is quickly transformed into something stunning and initially perplexing.  Typically, when making Deviled Eggs the yolks are taken out and mixed with mayo, or hot sauce, even mustard then put back into the egg.  However, this version kept the ‘yolk-iness’ intact while adding a flavor pop of bacon jam and pickled veggies.  It was a beautiful presentation with an earthy aftertaste.


Next, I ordered the Hot Chicken which was what you would expect.  A bit of a kick on the crunchy skin when I took a bite.  The jalapeno(s) and pickles were actually my favorite part as they balanced out the chicken with their freshly fermented tang.


Without further ado, the most mouth-watering dish of the night for me was the lamb chops.  They were beautifully cooked with a slight pink center and seared with a damn good char.  While these were fantastic, it was the Udon noodles that were swimming in a Dashi butter froth that reeled me in.  It was the most brilliant bite, can’t say anything more about it.


Overall, this was one of my favorite dining events to date.  What wowed me more than the food was that Chef Brother Luck came out to our table to chat about his passion for food and Colorado Springs.  He answered several questions about his vision, his culinary win on Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay”, his upcoming appearance on “Chopped”, and the future of his establishment.  He shared that the restaurant will be moving downtown in March 2017 to be more centrally located and to cater to his ever-growing fan base.  There are some amazing things happening here, do yourself a favor and go get in your car right now and drive over to Brother Luck Street Eats.  Your taste buds will thank you!

Here are some other pictures of our night, click on the photo for description:

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