Visiting La Cava

It’s been several weeks since I experienced this very upscale and unique setting – but it is still very fresh in my mind.  This southwest Colorado Springs restaurant is situated on 8th street in a maze of office buildings.  At night, it was a little difficult to find, but once I walked up it was very well-lit. It had a remarkable entrance with lighting that exposed how magnificent the ambiance was inside.  La Cava which means The Cave, showcases the consuming work and detail that make up this memorable dining experience.  Upon further research, I learned that the owners had been collecting the rocks over the course of 3 years when they traveled back and forth to Mexico.  The pride in this new restaurant endeavor is evident when you meet the staff and speak to them about their dishes and what makes a “killer” margarita.



The menu gives some swanky choices which include the Chiles en Nogada, a poblano stuffed with pork and beef topped with a white walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds.  This dish was served at room temperature which added an earthy tone to the taste buds, and a slight tilt of the head.  “What is this?”, some said in a state of happy confusion.  Several of our foodies said that they had never tasted anything like this before which got some people very excited.

Chiles en Nogada

I went with a more familiar entrée that I felt would best showcase La Cava in my eyes.  I ordered the Super Tacos which included shrimp and tilapia with a side of refried beans.  They were average and I felt they were missing a sauce or spice to give it a little more zest.  In saying that, complaining about a seafood dish in a land-locked state is a bit fruitless, but worthy of mentioning.  Another foodie, Krista, ordered enchiladas and this was the real winner of the evening in my opinion.  The red Chile sauce was fresh and distinctive in creating a piquant bite that kept me creeping back to her plate for more.

La Cava is a rare experience for the foodie enthusiast.  Their dishes are exclusive, pricey, and curious.  If you are looking for a chain or taqueria, this isn’t your place.  It is Mexican cuisine and for the Colorado Springs food scene, this is pretty exciting.

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