Wrangled up at Cowboy Star

For several months, I have had Cowboy Star on my culinary radar, browsing their menu weekly with the anticipation of a young child on their way to Disney World.  I reviewed the dinner menu and felt that it was a bit pricey for my very small dainty wallet.  However, the lunch menu had some of their signature dishes at a more reasonable price.

I contacted Cowboy Star and made a reservation online, I received a very speedy reply from Ryan Murphy, GM and Managing Partner.  He was very personable and asked if we had any dietary restrictions or were celebrating anything special.  I thought this was a nice sentiment as a first impression.  The first and only other Cowboy Star location is in San Diego’s East Village, snagging the 2015 Diner’s Choice Award.  Now, with their Colorado Springs location, they promise a warm, romantic, and contemporary experience with a western flare.

My first impression was…charmed.  It was a very charming place; clean lines, bright lighting, and a pleasing buzz among its patrons.  The displayed kitchen was open for viewing, making the ambiance a bit more casual than the “fine dining” stamp that some have mentioned in other reviews.  The lunch menu was sufficient in showcasing burgers, salads, and steaks, noting that wait times may be longer as they perfect their entrees.

We waited around 30-40 minutes for everyone at our table to receive their dishes.  I ordered the Bison Burger, medium rare, with a winning cumin mayo and Anaheim peppers roasted atop.  When I said Medium rare, rarely(see what I did there) do I ever see it cooked correctly.  It is usually cooked over; not today.  I was surprised at the tenderness of the Bison and the bite was not gamey in the slightest.  It was very good.  Most of our capers ordered the burgers off the menu, and it was a hit for all.  One of our capers ordered the Butcher’s Choice steak charred to perfection with a spicy chimichurri sauce, sautéed spinach, and fingerling potatoes.  She commented that it was one of best steaks she has ever tasted.

I’ve heard some murmurs about their classic cut T-bone, from Drummond Ranch in Montana – noted.  In addition, the Reuben sandwich was ordered at our table.  I took a very tempting photo (see featured photo) that had me leaning over plates to get a better look. Our caper nodded and smiled when I asked him, “Well, is it as good as it looks?”

Pike’s Peak View

While Cowboy Star may be an expensive visit, I suggest popping in there at lunch.  They have a very adequate menu, their Butcher’s Choice Steak is only $19 and won’t break the bank if that is a concern.  In addition, it was relatively empty at noon which in turn gave our group exceptional service.  Grab a glass of wine, sit outside, and enjoy a gorgeous view of Pike’s Peak…your steak is on its way.


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