Eat with the Kings | NaRai Siam Cuisine

I don’t typically head to a restaurant to satisfy my desire for Thai food.  My Friday night consists of pajamas, Parks and Recreation on Netflix, and a delivery of Pad Thai around 9:30pm.  I’m serious.  Well, folks, things are a-changin’ in 2017.  I selected a sensible outfit for my trip off the couch, and headed out the door with a pep in my step.

NaRai Siam Cuisine opened in 2014 in the Broadmoor neighborhood, this is a 2nd location for the ever popular NaRai Restaurant located in the Rockrimmon area.  I was first alerted to NaRai after I realized how close in proximity I was to the bronze winner of “The Best Of” 2017 series, published in the Colorado Springs Independent.  Like all awards and “The Best Of” anything, you want to see if this is legit.  Here we go.

When I walked in, it was very welcoming; bamboo room dividers, romantic lighting, and the aroma in the air stimulated a ravenous sense when I sat down.  The menu showcased many entrées ranging from your typical Thai dishes to many seafood options.  In addition, the scale for hotness was a great opportunity to see what their Thai spices were really made of.  I ordered the Garlic Pepper Beef at level 5 (5 being the hottest).  It was presented with a mix of cooked veggies and white rice, however, the spice level wasn’t there.  I like my Thai HOT, HOT, HOT…I want tears coming out of my eyes, folks!  But, the flavors were good enough to prompt me to order the Lemongrass Short Ribs as a to-go dish for my husband, Food = Love, right?  Later in the evening, around 9:30pm, per usual, we delved into it and it blew our minds.  The short ribs were savory, juicy, and the red pepper sauce was a perfect addition.  I ate a few bites…and let my husband pry take the container from my hand, as he does when I’m eating anything without taking a breath.  My advice: Try this now.

Now, getting back to the restaurant experience, the presentation was very pleasing.  One caper was delighted with the Choo Chee Scallops which were submerged in a spicy panang curry sauce.  They were cooked with a pan-sear that was on point all the while maintaining the integrity of the texture of the delicate scallop(s).  The Massaman Beef Curry dish gave a punch of zest and sweetness that was really special.  One of our Thai newbies ordered the Pad Thai with chicken, she was amazed by the nutty and tenderness of the noodles.  An order of egg rolls were chosen as an appetizer, however, they were brought out with the entrée and our caper politely declined it.  The next dish was the Green Curry with Mussels, our excited caper said a few times, “I could come here a few thousands times and I would order this mussel dish every time, it is amazing!”

Pad Thai
Green Curry with Mussels

NaRai Siam proved to me that their notoriety is legit.  From the setting, broad menu selections, and their fine tuning of flavors I was truly impressed. It is worth getting all gussied up, Netflix can wait!

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