A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

Unbeknownst to me when I set up my visit to The Rabbit Hole that I was venturing down the stairs to what used to be the city morgue.  I was mid-gulp of my Rosé when this revelation was revealed, and yes, the hairs on my neck stood up.  Our table of eleven nervous brave patrons started piecing together our seating area which resembled a large hearth. “Wait, what?!”, was my response.  But, I am getting ahead of myself, so let me start from the beginning.

When you hear about The Rabbit Hole you imagine Alice in Wonderland and the ambiance definitely plays on that assumption.  Walking up to the address, there is a speakeasy vibe with an obscure staircase enclosed by a glass enclosure on the corner of Tejon & Kiowa Street.  A neon sign and a chandelier hang in the stairwell as you descend into the restaurant.  It is bustling, dark, and a bit eerie.  I reviewed the menu and was excited about the selection; rabbit, duck, lamb dishes throughout which gave me a great impression to start.


The first dish to come out was breaded mushrooms, they were honestly forgettable in my opinion.  The breading lacked taste, the temperature was borderline cold, and the mushrooms were soggy. I don’t see this on their menu anymore, so I’m wondering if I received the last batch of their existence? Onward, I ordered the Rabbit “Hare” Pie entree which is comparable to a beef stew with a deconstructed fluffy crust on top. The rabbit was cooked well, however, again, the spices weren’t there.  The vegetables and gravy were hearty.  Another caper ordered the same entree, but the temperature was an issue again.  She returned the dish for a new one.  A few other entrees to mention; Chicken and mashers — a no-brainer meal, but the presentation was beautiful.  Bacon-wrapped meatloaf had a nice tomato glaze that tied the dish together nicely.   Lastly, the lamb shanks came out with curious green streaks under the meal.  Upon further inquiry, I learned it was a mint julep demi-glaze.  Most times mint julep is used in cocktails, specifically with bourbon.  With this dish, it brought a slight acidity to an otherwise charred meaty lamb.


Here are a couple other dishes that came to our table, the pumpkin soup reminded me of a coffee with a milk message, I didn’t get a taste but I felt obliged to share a photo for your review:


As we sipped the last of our drinks, stories of The Rabbit Hole began.  It was indeed a city morgue and then turned into several other establishments prior to its fruition as The Rabbit Hole.  I don’t want to give too much away because this is a pretty special place and I hope you will give it a whirl.  I advise you to call a few days ahead for reservations, they are booked frequently.  It is a downtown location, so parking is as you would imagine.  I did find a parking structure across the street for $.75/hr.  I will close out this review with their moon pie because who doesn’t want to see chocolate?

Moon Pie


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