Ahoy Cap’tain at Bonny & Read

Many people will roll their eyes at you in Colorado when you say you can’t find decent seafood. Often, I hear, “Seriously, we’re in a land-locked state, go to Seattle if you want good sea bass!”.  I get it folks, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t intrigued when I read about the opening of Bonny & Read Seafood Restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs.  Back story: My very best friend, Bree, would drag me to every brunch spot in Chicago so we could find oysters and Bloody Mary’s, it was a staple of my 20s.  The last time I had oysters was at another springs’ establishment called Oscar’s Oyster Bar circa 2012, and Bree and I slurped up about two dozen, she dropped her phone in the toilet, followed by tequila shots and dancing.  Now in 2017, I have laid off the tequila(for the most part) and last month visited Bonny & Read with zero expectations. They boast that they bring in the freshest seafood from all three American coasts, as well as New Zealand, Norway, and Chile. Also, owning that their freshest seafood from coast to kitchen takes only hours, not days.  Let me tell you about it!


Prior to my visit, I contacted them via social media to see if they could accommodate 12 foodies, and they immediately responded with excitement and questions about allergies, special dishes, etc.  I assured them none of that was expected, but very appreciated.  The gal suggested we visit early because they have an amazing happy hour from 3-6pm which includes:

• 1/2 Appetizers
• $1.50 Oysters
• $3 House wines, wells, and beer

I ordered the oysters, a glass of Chardonnay, Tuna Tartar, and Beer battered Fish & Chips.  Yes, it IS a lot of food, but, these were all under the Appetizer menu, which meant they were all 1/2 off.  Score! The seafood was colorful, fresh, and flavorful as promised. The displays brought out to us were ridiculous.  I felt that they made everything for me, specifically.

Tuna Tartar
Tuna Tartar


I didn’t even make it to the entree menu because it was more than enough to hold me over for days.  I also tried bites from other foodies and it was all consistent with being delightful.  The Lobster was bright orange and cooked to perfection.  It wasn’t rubbery or lackluster, it was high-end at a reasonable price, which I loved.  The Sea Bass came out to applause…by me.  It was so damn delicate but had a smoky dark char that honored the fish and melted in my mouth.  Atop it was corn, avocado, and crab salad that was refreshing and balanced out the dish.  The Salmon was a standout with its Horseshoe shape, atop a bed of rice.  The serving was more than generous and had an amazing spicy miso glaze that sweetened it just enough to still showcase the fish.  A hit!

In all of my food events, I have to say this was my absolute favorite experience.  I would go back again in a heart beat.  I would recommend the happy hour to get the most for your buck.  It allows you to try their appetizers that directly correlate with their entrees so you get a good idea of what you like or don’t care for(fishy fish or slurpy oysters).  Enjoy, Cap’tain!

Written by Mandra




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